Doll Cottage White & Pink Bookcase

Doll Cottage White & Pink Bookcase

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ACME Doll Cottage Bookcase, White & Pink, 35" x 13" x 56"H, 65lbs.

Perfect for the playroom or a child's bedroom, our Doll Cottage bookcase is the dreamiest way to store books and toys. Designed to catch children's attention, the housing style is chic and will sure to be your children's favorite piece in the room. Available in two different kinds of design with two different color options, you could choose the one that best fits your child's taste.

� Youth Bookcase � Storage: 5 Open Compartments (2 Wooden Shelves) � Orientation: Freestanding (Wall Tall/Vertical) � Features: Wooden Frame, Roof w/Contrast Finish � Wood Square Leg

Wood, Composite Wood